Advisory Approval of Executive Compensation

The Board is committed to corporate governance best practices and recognizes the significant interest of stockholders in executive compensation matters. The Company is providing this non-binding advisory vote pursuant to Section 14A of the Exchange Act.

As described in detail under the headings “Management Structure” and “Compensation Paid by the Manager to the Named Executive Officers” above and “Compensation Discussion and Analysis” below, the Company is externally-managed by the Manager pursuant to the Management Agreement between the Manager and the Company. The Manager is responsible for paying all compensation expense associated with managing the Company and its subsidiaries. The Company pays the Manager a management fee, and the Manager uses the proceeds from the management fee to pay compensation to the Manager’s personnel, including the NEOs other than Mr. Keyes (who does not receive any compensation for serving as the Company’s CEO, but has an interest in the management fee as an indirect equityholder of the Manager); however, the Company does not determine the compensation payable by the Manager to the NEOs, the Company does not allocate any specific portion of the management fee it pays to the compensation of the NEOs, nor does it reimburse the Manager for the cost of such compensation. The Manager makes all decisions relating to the compensation of the NEOs based on the factors the Manager determines to be appropriate, including both individual and Company performance, and subject to the terms of any employment agreement entered into between the Manager and an individual NEO.

The NEOs are eligible to receive equity awards pursuant to the Company’s equity incentive plan, which is administered by the Compensation Committee. No equity awards were made to any of the NEOs in 2017. In 2017, the Company did not pay any compensation to the NEOs.

The Board recommends that the stockholders vote in favor of the following resolution:

“RESOLVED, that the compensation paid to the Company’s named executive officers, as disclosed pursuant to Item 402 of Regulation S-K, including the Compensation Discussion and Analysis, compensation tables and related narrative discussion, is hereby APPROVED.”

While this vote is advisory and non-binding, the Board and Compensation Committee value the views of the Company’s stockholders and will consider the voting results when making compensation decisions regarding the Company’s equity incentive plans.

 The Board recommends a vote FOR the Approval of this Resolution.